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New 737 NG Simulator

New B737 NG simulator for SALE!

The simulator has high quality external and internal input ! The 60 inches contrast screens with HD resolution provide the realistic scenery.  For the even more realistic feeling it has original pilot seats, syncronised yokes and pedals, autopilot, automatic throttle and rudder trim help in handling different flight situations. The technical data appears on 6 EFIS screens on the control panel.

There are more simulation options e.g. weather,day time, route, 24000 airports and big cities. Also, there is a training programme with which we can create different emergences and situations. Furthermore, it can connect to other devices on the internet and carry out a realistic instructed flight. With constant online connection there are options for settig the real weather and day time.The simulators are suitable for pilot-practicing,learning-education, but it provides excellent entertaining possibilities, 

The simulators can be ordered in fixed or in motion versions.



Version 2 people

  • Width: 3000mm
  • Height: 2600mm
  • Length: 2500mm

Dimensions of the 6 seats edition

  • Width: 3000 mm
  • Height: 4500 mm
  • Length: 2600 mm

Features: mobilised, can be assambled and reassambled within 3 days and easily composable.

We can provide installation, training, full range of service and maintanance.

It can be viewed and tested at our workshop.

In case you are interested, we are ready for your service.

Technical information

B-737 NG SIMULATOR Technical Equipment

Replicas using panels and devices

New B737 NG SimulatorVisual system are available 180 degree viewing angle

  • 2 rudder pedal interlinked 
  • 2 original seat B 737
  • 2 B 737 yoke trim function
  • Auto brake panel
  • Mechanical flaps instrument
  • Mechanical gear lever
  • MCP autopilot
  •  6 EFIS
  • 2 rotary encoders
  • Knobs with symbols
  • 2 lever switches with three positions for VOR/ADF selection
  • 4 position rotary  switch  with push in for display mode selection
  • 8 position rotary switch with push in for ND range and TFC selection
  • 1 cockpit shell
  • 1 central pedestal
  • 2 FMS ( CDU )
  • B-737 Trotthle  fully motorised
  • Thrust lever with reverse function [737ng-simulator-8-x]

Fedélzeti számítógép

  • Parking brake
  • Fuel control lever
  • Trim wheels
  • Speed  brake lever
  • Fire handles working according B-737
  • Fire bell
  • 2 Com
  • 2 NAV
  • 2 ADF
  • Rudder trim panel
  •  MCP
  • 6 encoders to set: Altitude, Heading, Speed, Vertical Speed, Left and Right Course
  • Knobs: with symbols on course
  • Toggle switches for Auto Trotthle ARM switch with Green Led indication
  • Toggle switches for Left and Right Flight Director with MA green Led indication
  • 1 Overhead panel
  • Aft overhead panel
  • Leading Edge Devices
  • IRS ISDU and MSU
  • Audio control panel
  • Engine panel
  • Overhead Gear Lights
  • Forward Overhead panel
  • Flight Control Panel
  • Navigation and Displays panel

New B737 NG Simulator

  • Fuel panel
  • AC and DC panel
  • Generator Drive and Standby power panel
  • Ground Power and Bus Switching panel
  • APU
  • Miscellaneous Forward Overhead Panels
  • Probe heat panel
  • Wing and engine anti-ice panel
  • Hydralic panel
  • Metal flooring
  • 3 LED TV 60″
  • 2-3 PC  
  • Service monitor
  • Interior led lighting
  • Professional PM Software
  • air-conditioning ( options)
  • +4 seats ( options)
  • Instructor software ( options)


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