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Our B-737 NG Simulator in Budapest (2012)

What’s new in our simulator in Budapest

  • 60 colled LED TV with contrasted HD resolution are used for the very realistic view
  • Real, adjustable pilot seats,
  • Rudder trim helps the pilot to handle the asymmetric flight situations,
  • Air Conditioned cockpit,
  • 4 comfortable seats for guests

Our B-737 NG Simulator in Budapest Our B-737 NG Simulator in BudapestOur B-737 NG Simulator in Budapest

For our costumer from Budapest also preferred the 6-seated version in order to let more people using and enjoying the simulator at the same time. This simulator is not just for entertainment, but it’s also capable for making trainings. It can be used for machine flying, planning routes, with real time weather conditions, and real time traffic. You can fly on the real flying routes as well. The pilots can communicate with each other or the instructor via the headset.